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Bioenergy/ Time

Time is one of the most critical resources of modern man. We are constantly faced with the choice of how to spend our time. Some people have enough time; others are frequently in short supply. Although in fact, we all function in the same time period. Why is that? Because time is one of the indicators of Bioenergy. From the point of the physical body, we can observe the work of Bioenergy on metabolism: active people have a faster metabolism, while calm people have a slower one. 

Our relationship with time is based on our ability to respond quickly, handle the processes, focus, and have the resource to do things ongoing. When a person's Bioenergy is slow, he needs to spend more time on each point: firstly: to start doing something; secondly: it is more difficult to systematize the tasks and break them into parts; thirdly: it is more difficult for such a person to keep focus;  fourth: it is more challenging to focus for a long time. That is why we can manage a different number of tasks in one time period.

DNA carries another critical information in the vibration of Twos - a resource for communication. Communication is an exchange that is very important for any social person. But all people have a different ability and desire to communicate. Some need communication more than others. From this point of view, we can divide people into energetically self-sufficient donors and people with a deficit of Biological Energy. Each of those types will build their communication and social life differently.

Twos are also responsible for our emotions. Emotions are the reaction of the human emotional body to a situation. This process includes the nervous and endocrine systems.  Roughly speaking, emotion is an indicator of how a person feels at the moment. Emotions can be compared to sight, hearing, touch and taste. A person with a high vibration of Twos in DNA will have more emotional reactions. But essential to know Twos do NOT indicate our feelings.

Another essential part of twos in DNA is physical endurance and the strength to succeed. These vibrations create the ability for a person to direct focus and energy towards goals. And also to transform this impulse, if necessary, into the physical body to enhance health. 

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