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The number of vibrational Fours in DNA first indicates a person's health, physical data, sports potential, the possibility and ability of the physical body to recover, longevity, and aggression. Of course, first of all, it is about physical health.


From birth, we are given different physical data. The vibrations of  Fours indicate how a person will look physically and how smoothly all the body's physical systems will work. It is also an indicator of endurance to various loads, both physical and stressful situations. That is why Vibrational Fours and Twos are considered together in the analysis. Since biological energy is one of the components of our physical health. Depending on the circumstances, energy can be transformed from one part of the DNA to another.

Aggression is a vital physical resource based on the behavior of the nervous and endocrine systems. Therefore, Fours indicate a person's propensity for aggression as a unit of society.

Fours have an individual nuance - they are not an infinite resource. A person develops it in the course of his life.

Fours are one of the indicators of the balance of feminine and masculine energies in humans. This information is critical for some people, and their DNA since inner harmony may depend on this balance.

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