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Vibrational Sixes in a person's DNA indicates his ability for crafts, popularity, and a person's propensity for work and esotericism.

All people are different. Each of us has our talents. But there is a single concept of a craftsman. Such people have an innate tendency to create and improve through the work of their hands. This applies not only to creativity but also to everyday life. For example, this may apply to such a daily activity as cooking. Or the ability to fix a simple household item. Some people may understand how to do it, but everything can go wrong here when it comes to the immediate case. And vice versa, sometimes a person himself does not understand HOW it comes out. As a rule, strong vibrations in this part of DNA can indicate that a person can easily be realized in an area where hands should be involved.

Popularity is another feature of the Sixes vibration. Popularity is the ability to attract the attention of other people. Such people are always at the center of attention, conversations, and gossip, even if they don't do anything special.

The propensity for esotericism and hypnosis is another vibrational indicator of Sixes. If these vibrations are manifested in DNA, then the person himself will strive for esoteric knowledge. And the ability to convince people can appear even from childhood.


The energy of Sixes can quickly transform into the DNA section responsible for the Vibrational Sevens. Therefore, these two indicators are considered together in the DNA Personality.

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