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Vibrational Sevens in DNA are indicators of a person's connection with the "field of possibilities." The field of possibilities is an abstract concept that creates causal relationships: the necessary situation at the moment, an unexpected and fateful acquaintance, etc. If a person has access to this field and knows how to use it, then everything works out for him in the best possible way at the right time. A vivid example of the influence of the Field of Possibility is the story of how Charlize Theron became an actress. On the face of it, this looks like a coincidence. It must be understood that the absence of vibrations in this part of the DNA does not mean a lack of opportunities. People without activation of this part create their own possibilities.

Vibrational Sevens are not only responsible for the field of possibilities; they are also responsible for the innate gift of the psychologist and the tendency to self-knowledge. These vibrations help to hear and understand intuition and use this knowledge in everyday and professional life. This energy in the DNA will manifest in a person an understanding of the human essence and behavior at a deep level. He will strive to understand his own and others' deep motivations.

In itself, the number seven is occult and carries something hidden and forbidden. For this reason, the DNA vibration of this part indicates a person's propensity for the occult, secret knowledge, and adventurism. Also, these vibrations reveal addictive tendencies - drug addiction, gambling, and alcoholism.

The energy of Sevens is connected with the energies of Sixes. This makes it possible for the energy to transform between them. Therefore, these two indicators are considered together in the DNA Personality.

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