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We tend to think in categories. Our world is filled with duality. Our mind notices only opposite concepts. To understand what happiness is, a person must experience unhappiness. On the same principle, we are accustomed to separating the world of logic and spirituality. Our upbringing and society say that if you are spiritual, you follow the path of the heart and intuition. Then the right side of your brain is activated, and creativity appears. If you are logical, you live by reason, relying solely on logic. But in this case, creativity and intuition are not available to you. These two parts are constantly opposed to each other. Should we separate them? Or maybe we can take the best of both worlds? Combine them for a harmonious result? Why can't a logical person be spiritual? Can't the spiritual be logical?

I am the person who combines these two "opposite" parts. I have two hemispheres of the brain active at the same time. I have been drawing since childhood and can easily cope with the mathematical task. I am a Master of Light who can and loves to analyze. I have been engaged in spiritual practices for 20 years and have long acquired the status of a Spiritual Teacher. But at the same time, I was a successful IT analyst with a creative and non-standard approach to the process of analysis. And I built my method on two pillars: spirituality and information technology.

The history of this method began 10 years ago. When I started working with people, I noticed similar people have similar needs and problems. These similarities could manifest both in appearance and character, voice timbre, gait, or smile. For example, I have noticed that cancer patients have several distinct character traits. And if I saw these characteristics in a person, I immediately checked the possibility of the presence of active disease. So I began to collect my database. And at the School of Statistics and Analysis, I supplemented my knowledge and confirmed them with scientific evidence and an analytical basis.

My penultimate education is Big Data   and Data Scientist. And I didn't choose it by chance. When I plunged deeper into the world of Information Technologies, I noticed the similarity between the behavior of Big Data and the information-vibration body of a person. Each person is a Universe with its laws, processes, and concepts. All the information of his vibrational body is stored in DNA. DNA is constantly updated and supplemented with new information as a person lives and acts. Big Data is built on the same principle of storing and recording information. This function is carried by data centers, which consist of clustered servers. I have the ability to receive information from human DNA as a Data Scientist from Big Data    clusters. The methods of analysis and principles of working from Big Data help structure this information logically. Information in this form has a logical and accessible form for understanding. Thus, a person receives a manual instruction for his DNA, with which he can work with any of the four methods to improve his life.

My principles and outlook on life are not similar to for example  Elon Musk's and his followers. He is trying to combine spirituality and information technology to spiritualize machines. This is contrary to the laws of nature and the universe. I make sure that the knowledge and analytics of information technology help people as it was initially intended. Also, my method is not associated with the "matrix" in its manifestations and understandings. My method aims to raise the vibrational wave of a person or a group of people, for their harmony and happiness. 

Information Technologies were created in order to help people! And in the DNA-Personality method,  serves just that.

My method is the work of 10 years. It always had one focus - to help. To help a person understand himself  and start making the right choices. Choosing the right profession or place of work, revealing the right talents and potential, selecting the right partner and environment, harmonically raising children and building relationships with parents, understanding and accepting itself correctly. The right way, it's harmonious, which means happy.

I sincerely wish all of us happiness and harmony. And I hope we can do it together to make the World better. 

Taya    Shine

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