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Complite DNA-Personaliry




Let me guess...

Do you finally want to understand WHY you do what you do? Why do you have such a character?

Do you want to understand your strengths and weaknesses clearly? 

Do you want to use everything given to you from birth in the best possible way to achieve what you want?

Do you want to know everything about yourself?

Do you want to know your purpose?

And most importantly, what must you do to be in harmony and happiness?

And if I tell you that...


You will learn how simply change your life

Your will ALWAYS know what kind of environment to create around you to get what you want!

You will finally create for yourself Happiness and Harmony!

You will have a real scientific work about you!



DNA-Personality is a YOUR TOOL to adjust your LIFE as you want and need!!! IT IS BEST GIFT YOU CAN MAKE FOR YOURSELF!  

Your DNA-Personality is as unique as you are. I work exclusively with you and your individual YOU-niverse. This extensive energy and analytical work takes three weeks to complete and includes all of your codes and energy transitions. At the end of this process, you will receive a personalized "manual" in PDF format that you can use for the rest of your life. This manual will help you understand your inner processes and provide guidance on how to adjust your life according to your goals at different stages of your life.


The Complete DNA-personality is a tool that can help you understand yourself better and lead a happier life. By analyzing your qualities, talents, and worldview, you can gain insight into why you behave the way you do and why you're headed in a certain direction. This analysis can help you connect with yourself and learn how to improve upon your weaknesses while leveraging your strengths. Ultimately, it's a way to gain a better understanding of yourself and live a more fulfilling life.​



If you're interested in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, I can help you discover your Energy Essence. To do this, I developed Energy DNA as a component of DNA-Personality Analysis. This analysis is a powerful tool that goes beyond the physical realm, enabling you to explore your full potential.


Complete DNA-Personality Analyst is divided into two main parts: PERSONALITY/EVERYDAY LIFE AND ENERGY.

The Personality part include main vibrations and additional vibrations of DNA. This information shows up in the context of codes, their transformation and changes in the flow of energy under their influence. 


The Energy part is individual for each person. It is based on your requirements and vibrational level. 


The Energy part may include next indicators of High vibrations:

•          Destiny number

•          Potential Segment

•          The direction of the Lessons of Karma

•          Chronology of Transformations

•          Any other important Energy information just for you


In this part, the individuality of the soul and the karma of a person are revealed. As well as the opportunity to develop your DNA.

"I felt like I was literally given my the key to know myself..."

I decided to work with Taya Shine because she explained what was affecting me almost my entire life. Everything she said was spot on! I struggled to age old question of  “ finding myself.”  I also knew there were some major blockages that I didn’t know how to move past. Taya’s  knowledge of the body, DNA and bridging to into the energetics was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  I started off with her DNA-personality analysis. I was blown away to see the details about myself, it’s like she knew me better that I knew myself, I felt like I was literally given my the keys to know myself  in a very practical, scientific and spiritual way. I remember reading some of the points to my mom and she laughed and confirmed every word of the analysis!

Seeing my DNA-Personality Analysis immediately prompted me to set up an energy session with Taya. Wow! Permanently life changing ! Unlike other modalities where I had temporary relief, Taya’s DNA energy session unlocked and cleared blockages from my lineage and current life.  I am no longer haunted from limitations of my linage nor myself.  I encourage you to experience Taya’s sessions. It will change your life! 

Thank you Taya! You are truly the world’s greatest healer and teacher.



St. Pete, Florida


"Many topics will be brought into order, and many will be understood and accepted as an integral part of myself."

My name is Natalia.  And I decided to try Dna-Personality analysis using the new technology developed by Taya.


Having read the analysis for the first time, I noticed details that were already recognized or, on the contrary, had never attracted attention at all. Having read the same analysis a week later, I discovered a new package of information that was not accepted by the mind upon first reading. A couple of months later, reading the same analysis opened up new dimensions and led to new thoughts.


I was very surprised by the accuracy of the information, not only of a global nature, but also by the information that is hidden and not in public view. The analysis also revealed some unrealized possible actions that popped into my head as ideas or fantasies.


I would like to note the delicate approach when describing the negative sides of my character, where, on the one hand, the truth is told, which I don’t really like to accept, and on the other, soft advice is given, calling for action and correction.


During a DNA-Personaly Session, the analysis was explained and clarified using my own examples, which allowed me to build a plan for working on myself and achieving internal transformation faster.


I highly recommend ordering a DNA-Personality analysis. Many topics will be brought into order, and many will be understood and accepted as an integral part of oneself. 



Santiago, Chile

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How does the process take place?


Couple DNA-Personality includes 3 steps of work: 

1. DNA-Personality Profile. 

2. DNA-Personality Analysis 

3. DNA-Personality Session





After payment, you will receive a link with a questionnaire. It will only take just 3-5 minutes. I will be working on your questionnaire within two working days. And will contact you for possible clarification of the details and confirmation of work. 


This step is very important! Based on your answers, I can understand how you already use your energy in DNA. 


At this stage, I connect to your DNA and Information field. I will use your Profiles to clarify, systematize and understand how you are already being realized in daily life.


This process will take around 3-4 weeks. When your DNA Analysis will be ready, you receive your PDF file via mail. As well, I will connect to you to set up a session.


You will have 7-10 days to study the material and write down questions on it. 



We will schedule with you 1 video session 1 hour long.



At the session, you will understand WHY, WHAT, and HOW you need to adjust in your life/routing to get your goals, became happy and balance. 


You be able to transform vibrations into YOUR DNA, depending on your current tasks. There are four approaches to working with DNA-Personality: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Photonic. You can pick your own way of transforming energy into DNA or combining these methods. I usually recommend a combination of several methods.

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