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HI! I am Taya

It is time to UNBLOCK your self and your life



I see that you are facing the same problems as me.

You realize that something is wrong with you or your life.


You want to understand WHY this is happening to you and HOW you can fix it.


You may even have been able to formulate your problem, but you don’t know how to help yourself.

And I know how powerful you are! I know you can have the life you want! You can be happy and free.


... are you ready?


My name is Taya and I am here to UNBLOCK you...

Unblock your energy!

Unblock your Light!

Unblock Your happiness!

Unblock your potential!

Unblock yourself! 



I heal your DNA and help you unblock your life and potential. I  teach you how to change your life. So you can teach this knowledge to your kids and others. 


You have everything to heal and become happy.


Personalized approach to everyone

I believe that every person is the YOU-niverse. Your You-niverse has its laws, time, and Way. And even if the problems of two people look the same, this does not mean that the solution to these problems will be identical. That is why I take time to find an individual job approach for everyone. This way, every my session, class, and client gets the best possible result. Even in courses and group classes, I work with each of you personally to get results in the best way, specifically FOR YOU!


Teach and Heal 

No matter how you work with me, you will always run into my main principle! I always combine teaching and healing. 

I believe in the power of both healing and education. When I help someone recover, I also strive to impart knowledge and understanding. Similarly, when I share my knowledge, I intend to improve others' well-being.



Complicated things are often simple. Lack of information causes confusion and mystery. There for, I spend extra time explaining the processes and root of the issues. 

Many things are invisible to the naked eye, like the fact that people and electricity are both sources of Light. Providing correct information in simple, understandable language is important to achieve better results.


Personal Experience  

Your personal experience is priceless!

In my personal experience, theoretical knowledge only holds power when put into practice. Therefore, each session and class need to incorporate personal experience. While I could fix everything for you while you sleep, it would be my experience, not yours. Then you be able to see and adjust the changes. It's essential to work together to realize and appreciate your growth fully.


Go to the root!

Every state or problem has winning situations and the root of the issue. The problem is always at the root! Find the root - find the cause! Get rid of the root of the issue - get rid of the problem! There is no point in getting rid of the consequences. 

Take your "glasses" off your eyes and see the truth. Then you can fix everything. Everyone has a LIGHT!  Without Light, there is no darkness. And Darkness is just a shadow from Light, which helps us to identify what hinders us.

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