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Before I talk about the Number of Destiny, I would like to share my story.

Since childhood, both the exact sciences and the humanities were easy for me. Also, in my life, there were many moves. Therefore, in my adult life, I was not afraid to change professions and areas of work. And in any profession, I was successful. But even the most successful career did not bring a sense of inner satisfaction. I began to turn to astrologers and fortune-tellers to help me with the choice of realization. Usually, I either did not receive a straightforward answer or “the list of my talents” was too large, which did not help with the choice. 

Ten years ago, I faced something big for my understanding and awareness, which led me to the opportunity to think differently. I realized that life is not so long, and you need to live it happily, or at least in YOUR PLACE. And then I asked myself the main question: “WHAT DO I REALLY WANT TO DO?” And I realized that I wanted to HELP. But I did not understand help to whom, how and where. I thought about it for several weeks, but there was no answer. Then I decided to delve into this issue through meditation. I continuously asked only two questions in meditation: “What should I do? How can I help?" After 16 hours of meditation, I received only one phrase: "Find Your Way." There was no direct answer to this phrase, but it was this phrase that helped me make a series of choices to GET ON MY WAY. It was this Path that led me to work with people, and    the love for logic, analysis and statistics helps create the DNA-Personality method.

My Destiny Number is 11. The strongest desire of a person with Destiny Number 11 is to HELP and SERVE. The number 11 contains the manifestations of all 11 numbers: from 1 to 10. In this regard, such people are able to understand and feel the Path of other people. DNA Personality is my unique method to help and serve people. This is the realization of my Destiny Number.  I can say from personal experience that finding yourself is the most crucial thing in any person's life. So I help people find their Way.

 At the moment, eleven  Destiny Numbers are activated. These numbers can be compared to eleven Doors. Behind each Door is a unique Path and a unique World. When a person opens the only correct Door for himself, then everything around and inside comes into harmony.

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How does the Destiny Number manifest itself at the DNA level?

In the DNA-Personality Destiny Number is the central indicator. The Destiny Number sets the MOVEMENT of Energy in DNA. I saw DNA when the vibration of this indicator gave a person the necessary talents and skills, even if his DNA codes did not initially assume this.

Until recently, the vibration of the Destiny Number was determined solely by the external vibration of the DNA. This is the vibration that harmonizes all the internal vibrations and DNA codes. Now the Vibration of the Destiny Number has become key. It penetrates the essence of DNA and has the power to change its Vibration and Dynamics. I noticed the exact changes in people's requests. Over the past three years, the demand of people has changed a lot. When I first started working with people, the most frequently asked questions were about personal life, social success, and wealth. Right now, question #1  is, “Where is my purpose? What should I do?" Interestingly, these changes concern humans and the general energy processes in our world.

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How do you know if your DNA is co-vibrating with your Destiny Number?

We all are different and have different talents, inclinations, and desires. This uniqueness of each of us creates harmony and beauty of our world. People have been looking for themselves for years. Some achieve success and honor. Some find their talents but do not understand how to implement them. But in the end, they don't feel like themselves. The emptiness remains inside. Days are becoming like Groundhog Day. 

The Number of Destiny carries the main desires in a person's life. It reflects the unique vibration of his Path. In simple terms: it answers the question, "why am I."  If a person has embarked on his Vibrational Path, he begins to co-vibrate with the Universe and other people. He begins to feel "correct" and "right."  His life will be filled with colors and true meaning, and his inner feelings will be harmonious. And as a bonus, a person's aspirations and desires receive tremendous energy support.


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