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The vibrations of human DNA can be compared to the work of an orchestra. Each musician plays an individual instrument. We imagine how musicians play one melody in the right key when we think about harmony. Everyone knows their part of the game, and together they create a beautiful single melody. 

Now imagine that each of the musicians plays a separate melody. The two are trying to take the lead at the same time. Some play together, but in different keys. And all this music is created at the same time! Can you imagine what the sound will be like? Cacophony! Our task is to understand our vibrations and bring them into harmony so that each vibration is in its place. This creates balance in our lives.

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Each person creates their reality of life using the vibrations. Each vibration has a unique sound, emotion, color, and shape. You draw your universe based on the palette that you have. Your DNA is updated and supplemented every second based on your processes, thoughts, actions, and feelings. For an easy understanding of your vibration, I have divided all the information into segments of vibrational numbers. Their quantity and co-vibration can explain    your internal and external processes. Also, DNA codes indicate those unique vibrations and connections that affect your DNA and, as a result, life.

Each person has individual vibrations. Some are given from birth and written in DNA; others are created as you act, think, and feel. All these vibrations form your individual information and energy field. In DNA-Personality, all those vibrations are divided into sectors and codes for a detailed understanding of this field and the combination of its parts.

It is also important to understand that our DNA and information-energy field is a "living organism" that constantly changes. Transformations occur due to the transfer of energy between sectors. Energy moves between sectors under the influence of internal or external factors. Internal factors include emotions, deep experiences, thoughts, and actions. External factors include our environment, everything that surrounds us, and the people we contact.

Aditional Vibrations







Additional Vibrations of DNA are stable manifestations of a combination of several Main Vibrations. Due to that fact, the internal vibrations are more prone to change. 

The following Additional Vibrations stand out in the DNA-Personality:


  •  Material

  • Stability/Habits

  • Family/Initiative

  • Purpose/Goal 

  • Temperament

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