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Your DNA and information-energy field is a "living organism" that constantly changes. Transformations occur due to the transfer of energy between sectors/parts . Energy moves between sectors under the influence of internal or external factors. Internal factors include emotions, deep experiences, thoughts, and actions. External environment, everything that surrounds us, and the people we contact.


The DNA-Personality method is based on the knowledge of vibrations in DNA. Each person creates their reality of life using the colors of vibrations. Each vibration has its sound, emotion, color, and shape. You draw your YOU-niverse based on the palette that you have. Your DNA is updated and supplemented every second based on your processes, thoughts, actions, and feelings. For an easy understanding of your vibration, I have divided all the information into segments of vibrational numbers. Their quantity and co-vibration can explain to you your internal and external processes. Also, DNA codes indicate those unique vibrations and connections that affect your DNA and, as a result, life.    

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