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Potential Vibrations is     free energy. I like to call it a "safety cushion." The main focus of this energy is inner healing so that energy can heal any part of DNA.  As a rule, after the release of Potential Energy, it strengthens the first "weak" element in DNA and the Fibonacci spiral's movement. But a person can direct this energy himself, using the methods of DNA-Personality. You can read about the methods here.


Potential Vibrations have a few unique characteristics:

  1. Not everyone has these vibrations

  2. It may not manifest itself throughout life, but a person is the bearer of this huge resource

  3. These vibrations are in a dormant state until the moment when a person will reach a vibration of his Destiny Number 

  4.  The amount of this energy is individual as well as its presence

  5. In DNA Personality,  this vibration is denoted by zeros

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