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"Cancer is not just about the body"

Around six years ago, a friend suggested that I work with Taya when I was going through a tough time and seeking guidance. I decided to try the Energy Sessions for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. During the session, I saw vivid, colorful images and felt a sense of liberation and relief. It was an unexpected and amazing experience that ultimately helped me solve my problem and gain valuable insights about myself.


2 years ago, I went through chemotherapy and surgery. I felt exhausted by the end of every week for quite a long time. I didn't have enough energy to live normal everyday life.


I was diagnosed with cancer four months ago again. After this devastating news, I was looking for mental and physical support.


And I again decided to turn to Taya for help.  I trust her and know that everything she does is always for good and prosperity. This time she recommended complex work, including physical cleansing, Photon Healing Sessions, DNA Sessions, and steam cell therapy. 


The DNA sessions were like diving into your innermost depths. And although my initial request was "I want to be healthy," we were working with many areas of my life! We removed the codes and fears of my ancestors and even previous lives.  With a few DNA Sessions, I rebuilt my life: I got a new position, got a promotion, and completely changed my workflow. I didn't know I SO LOVE MY WORK and my coworkers! I was able to improve my relationship with my daughter and mother. I haven't spoken to my mom in years!!! All this turned out to be connected with my condition and health!

I look forward to learning more about myself and my place in this World! If you have a chance, just try this session! 


And between DNA Sessions, I attend 911 Photon Sessions (group and private). Each  Photon Session brings me a handful of experiences. I noticed that I no longer feel tired. I finally have enough energy to work, live, be socially active, meet friends, pursue my hobbies, and even attend Zumba classes. I feel more inspired by my life goals and everyday routine. 


Within 4 weeks, the illness I have is showing positive progress. My doctor noticed a positive recovery from my condition, and I canceled my surgery. 


I highly recommend these sessions; they helped me at all levels: physical health, energetical level, and mental support. It brings me hope that I will achieve Everything. 


Try those sessions; it is about the experience! So you will understand how it inspires, gives vitality/stamina, and the feeling that you are headed into a positive change in your life.





"Immediate Anxiety Relief and Deep Meditative State"

Dr. Shahnaz


"Things become clearer, and I have very specific guidance for me"

I have been working with Taya for many years now. We have done many different healing sessions over the years. I particularly resonate with her energy sessions. It is still my favorite. 

After every Energy Session, I feel a sense of calmness and assurance. I know what is happening to my energetic health, why, and what needs to be corrected. Things become clearer, and I have very specific guidance for me. 

I highly recommend giving the energy sessions a try. It’s like getting plugged in with yourself and also the higher power again. 

Dr. Shahnaz,



"Miracle expires without expectation and request"

I have been practicing various spiritual techniques for self-development for a while now. I have known Taya for a long time and recently had the chance to experience her DNA session for the first time. I had no specific requests for the session; it was a decision from the heart.


I had complete confidence in Taya's abilities because I had worked with her before in energy sessions. Additionally, I have her Mandala and took part in her Mandala classes in 2019. The outcomes of our work together were always exactly what was required at the time. Moreover, the experience of being in these energies was always enjoyable.


I enjoyed observing the process without specific expectations or tasks before the session. I watched as everything that needed to be understood, accepted, and worked out in the moment flared up.

I experienced a sense of calm and gained some inner clarity during the session. The thoughts and answers that came to me did not seem to originate from my mind, but rather from my heart. After the session, I was surprised to discover some of my personal obstacles and was able to analyze and overcome them. Without this session, I would never have been aware of these issues, let alone have been able to resolve them.


It's thrilling to know that our DNA session had a positive impact not just on me, but also on my family. Some strange occurrences took place during the session with my loved ones. After the session, my mother called me and mentioned something unusual had been happening for the past few hours. She couldn't explain it, but felt it was somehow related to me. During the session, we worked on blocks related to the relationships between mothers and grandmothers. My son is particularly sensitive to energy, and during the session, he suddenly developed a fever without any apparent symptoms. The fever persisted for several days, but he didn't seem to be bothered by it. However, he had to stay home for a few days before the fever disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.The most exciting thing is that I know for sure that our DNA session brought changes not only to me but also to my family. Right during the session, strange moments happened to my loved ones. Immediately after the session, my mother called me and said something had been happening for the last few hours. What she does not understand, but she knows it is connected with me. Indeed, during the session, we worked with blocks that dealt with relations between mother and grandmother. My son has always been sensitive to energy; during the session, he suddenly developed a fever. He had a fever without any symptoms for several days. I can't say that he bothered him. But for a few days, he stayed at home. And then the fever disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.


The results were incredibly surprising as everything began to manifest in my life on a physical level the very next day. Significant changes occurred in my relationships with my children, mother, and others that I never even dreamed of. My family had conversations that left me amazed and impressed, and my daughter's position in life impressed me tremendously. Additionally, I noticed a newfound sense of self-acceptance within myself.


I highly recommend DNA sessions without reservation! If you are still contemplating, the process is absolutely amazing. The most exhilarating part is that you can make some "requests," but different ones may be chosen that you hadn't even considered. Yet, these may be more significant for your soul's growth. And, naturally, it's important to follow your heart.




"You will be heard and healed"

I’ve been suffering and dealing with insecurities, depression, and anxiety for years since I was a child before I even knew what those things were. As the years went by, dealing with those things especially in certain unfortunate situations such as losing a pet, dating, friends, or family really made me suffer to the point of being sick, always searching for an answer from other people to validate my feelings or make me feel better, and I would be come closed off. Trying to stay busy or going out with friends wasn’t enough for me a lot of times.


There is other help/support out there that you can receive that is a healthy option and Taya is one of them. However, this isn’t to say you don’t need therapy or counseling for your mental health because it can be absolutely beneficial for anyone. In my experience, seeking counseling/therapy was somewhat beneficial but I still felt so much sadness. Therefor, working with Taya showed me there are other healthy ways to seek help.


Prior to a DNA Restore Session, it’s always advised to be hydrated. But during this session,  I was surprised by how incredibly thirsty I was the entire time. I was drinking water nonstop during the session. 


At the end of this session, I was also surprised to see where my subconscious was walking out to which is where I started at in the very beginning of the session. 



Taya, is super patient, understanding, and she listens very well. I have felt so much better about the current situations that were a burden to me. I still think about them, but I haven’t felt the weight of constant anxiety, sadness, or depression. 


Give this a chance especially if you feel like you don’t have any other options or don’t know who else to turn to. You will be heard and healed.

Amy, NC


"Instant Mental Clarity and Focus"



"Permanent result from unlocked and cleared blockages"

I decided to work with Taya Shine because she explained what was affecting me almost my entire life. Everything she said was spot on! I struggled to age old question of  “ finding myself.”  I also knew there were some major blockages that I didn’t know how to move past. Taya’s  knowledge of the body, DNA and bridging to into the energetics was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  I started off with her DNA personality matrix. I was blown away to see the details about myself, it’s like she knew me better that I knew myself, I felt like I was literally given my the keys to know myself  in a very practical, scientific and spiritual way. I remember reading some of the points to my mom and she laughed and confirmed every word of the analysis!

Seeing my DNA-Personality Analysis immediately prompted me to set up an energy session with Taya. Wow! Permanently life changing ! Unlike other modalities where I had temporary relief, Taya’s DNA energy session unlocked and cleared blockages from my lineage and current life.  I am no longer haunted from limitations of my linage nor myself.  I encourage you to experience Taya’s sessions. It will change your life! 

Thank you Taya! You are truly the world’s greatest healer and teacher.





"Many topics will be brought into order, and many will be understood and accepted as an integral part of myself."

My name is Natalia.  And I decided to try Dna-Personality analysis using the new technology developed by Taya.


Having read the analysis for the first time, I noticed details that were already recognized or, on the contrary, had never attracted attention at all. Having read the same analysis a week later, I discovered a new package of information that was not accepted by the mind upon first reading. A couple of months later, reading the same analysis opened up new dimensions and led to new thoughts.


I was very surprised by the accuracy of the information, not only of a global nature, but also by the information that is hidden and not in public view. The analysis also revealed some unrealized possible actions that popped into my head as ideas or fantasies.


I would like to note the delicate approach when describing the negative sides of my character, where, on the one hand, the truth is told, which I don’t really like to accept, and on the other, soft advice is given, calling for action and correction.


During a DNA-Personaly Session, the analysis was explained and clarified using my own examples, which allowed me to build a plan for working on myself and achieving internal transformation faster.


I highly recommend ordering a DNA-Personality analysis. Many topics will be brought into order, and many will be understood and accepted as an integral part of oneself. 




Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 5.54.50 PM.png

"My changes started with subtle differences and evolved quickly into bigger changes"

I am a person who is ready to understand and face challenges. I realize that things we may not initially notice can significantly impact our lives. As a result, I decided it was time to confront my fears and barriers. I struggled to achieve my goals and felt like something was holding me back. After considering my options, I was convinced that a DNA session was the right path.


Working with Taya, I felt seen and understood. Identifying and removing systems that are incompatible with my life and replacing them with an update, was incredibly powerful.

During the session, I felt incredibly safe and calm. I could feel shifts within myself as we worked. I was surprised; there were a few things that came up that I had not thought about in many years, and I was able to connect them to things happening now. 


My changes started with subtle differences and evolved quickly into bigger changes. Things at work started moving in a new and better direction, I began making progress toward my goals, and most importantly, I felt more confident in myself and my intuition. 

I can tell you one thing: Be open to this unique work and give yourself an ongoing gift of self-care and improvement.



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