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Сomplete Individual DNA-Personality

Service Description

Each Individual DNA-Personality is unique as you are. Therefore, each DNA-Personality is done exclusively for you and take the time. At the end you will receive the "manual" for yourself, which you can use the rest of your life. You will understand your inner processes and know what to adjust your life at the way you want. DNA-Personality is divided into two main parts: Personality and Energy. The Personality part include main vibrations and additional vibrations of personal DNA. You will understand your individual vibrational transformations in DNA and how it affects you. You will be able to use this information to build harmonical and happy everyday life. The Energy part of DNA is individual for each person. It is based on your requirements and vibrational level. The Energy part may include next indicators of High vibrations: • Destiny number • Potential Segment • The direction of the Lessons of Karma • Chronology of Transformations • Any other important Energy information just for you In this part, the individuality of the soul and the karma of a person are revealed. As well as the opportunity to develop your DNA. Individual DNA-Personality includes 3 stages of work: 1. DNA-Personality Profile 2. DNA-Personality 3. DNA-Personality Session Stage 1. DNA-Personalities Profile After payment, you will receive a link with a questionnaire. It will only take just 3-5 minutes. I will be working on your questionnaire within two working days. And may contact you for possible clarification of the details. Within two working days, you will receive the confirmation when I start to work with your DNA. Stage 2. DNA Personality Analysis At this stage, I create your DNA Personality based on your profile. And 7-10 days before the session, you will receive DNA-Personality via mail. Please reply to this email to confirm that you have received DNA Personality and can open the file. You have 7-10 days to study the material and write down questions on it. Stage 3. DNA-Personality Session ​The DNA-Personality session is conducted online. It can be built in two different ways. You will pick the way of our session. More about stages of you can read on web-page under The Method Any information in this Individual DNA-Personality is strictly confidential and not subject to disclosure.

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