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7 layers of Energetic Cleanse

Service Description

Traditional healers usually do cleanse 1 to 2 layers of the energetic bodies. 7 layers of Energetic Cleanse is a session for purification and harmonizing all energy systems and bodies. This unique way of cleansing works on all levels with all bodies and integrates those. The method includes working with aura, bodies, chakras, meridians, and energy channels on all 7 layers. HOW IS THE ENERGY SESSION GOING? Before the session, we will discuss what is bothering you most. This session last 2 hours and has 2 parts. First part: RELAX It is time for your deep relation and meditation. This part is conducted as a phone call. At the beginning of the Session, with the help to move to deep relaxation and meditation mode. I may will provide for you individual meditation. And the rest is my work. You will just relax and receive my energy work. After I finish, I help you to come back from deep relaxation. The second part: LEARN This part is conducted as a virtual Facetime or Zoom video call. In the second part of the sessions, we will discuss your feelings. This is an essential part of energetic work. We will discuss all the necessary details of your current energy state. Here you will find out precisely what you are recommended to do for good energetic health. You will receive individual practices. WHAT CAN YOU FEEL DURING THE SESSION? Your reaction is purely individual. I noticed the following states in people who are healing: - the sensation of warmth throughout the body - vivid images and colors during sessions - vivid visuals of situations from your childhood or previous life - sensations in different parts of the body - calmness - clearing the mind and situation - relief of pain and discomfort in the body - and much more...

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