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7 layers of Energetic Cleanse

Service Description

Traditional healers usually do cleanse 1 to 2 layers of the energetic bodies. 7 layers of Energetic Cleanse is a session for purification and harmonizing all energy systems and bodies. This unique way of cleansing works on all levels with all bodies and integrates those. The method includes working with aura, bodies, chakras, meridians, and energy channels. Additional I can channel for you 2 questions. After session you will receive individual recommendation for your energy state. This session is the best way to prepare youself for the DNA Reset & Restore Session. I sincerely recommend combining DNA Reset & Restore Session with 7 Layers of Energetic Cleanse, you get a Full Energetic Cleanse, and your body starts to work a single unit. Any information in this session is strictly confidential and not subject to disclosure.

Cancelation Policy

Cancellation upon request

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