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First-time 911 Phonon Session

Service Description

How is the Photon 911 session conducted? The session is conducted as a virtual Zoom meeting. During the Session, I act only as a conductor of Photon Energy. You will have individual contact with the photon source through your device's camera. At first, we discuss where the focus of our attention should be and in which area you need recovery. In the next 15 minutes of the Session, I will help you set an individual connection with the source of Photon Energy. When you establish a connection and receive photon energy, I will help you to direct the photon energy to where recovery is needed. Once the connection is established, I take a backseat and disconnect from your energy field while you receive the photon healing directly. You gain directed photon energy and recover for 30 minutes or more. Ultimately, we will have time to briefly discuss your sensations and experiences. What can you feel during the Session? Your reaction to photon energy is purely individual. While working with photon energy, I noticed the following states in people who are healing: - the sensation of warmth throughout the body - vivid images and colors during meditation/visualization - balancing the nervous system - feeling of freedom and flight - sensations in different parts of the body - calmness - clearing the mind and situation - lightness of the body - relief of pain and discomfort in the body - and much more... Your reaction is very individual and depends on what problem you are facing and your energetic state.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation upon request

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