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The DNA-personality is a technical instruction for your happy life. It's an easy way to understand yourself. We live and see ourselves and the world around us through the prism of our qualities, talents, and understanding of the world until the end of our lives. Such an analysis will help answer your questions about yourself and understand why you are exactly the way you are, and why you are moving in a specific direction. It will help you understand and connect to yourself better. This Analysis enables you to understand yourself and learn how to work on your weaknesses and use your strengths.

For those who want to know more about themselves, I allow you to understand yourself as an Energy Essence. For this, I  created Energy DNA as part of DNA-Personality. Such an Analysis is a strong addition to the DNA-personality and allows a person to go far beyond the limits of the material world.


Each Individual DNA-Personality is unique as you are. Therefore, each DNA-Personality is done exclusively for you and take the time. At the end you will receive the "manual" for yourself, which you can use the rest of your life. You will understand your inner processes and know what to adjust your life at the way you want. DNA-Personality is divided into two main parts: Personality and Energy. The Personality part include main vibrations and additional vibrations of personal DNA. You will understand your individual vibrational transformations in DNA and how it affects you.  Read more about every step

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Couple DNA-Personality is aimed at improving the vibrational dynamics in a couple. This method is based on the co-vibration of the DNA of two different people. A couple's knowledge can correct existing problems and avoid future ones. New knowledge will help you properly distribute responsibilities, understand your role as a couple, and get practical advice. You will learn how to make your relationships harmonious based on what you were born with. You will be able to create a truly harmonious union. By your example, you will understand the meaning of the words "together we are stronger." And I can answer any question regarding your couple and your relationship. 

The Couple DNA Personality has three sessions:  one for two of you and one separate session for each. 


Family DNA-Personality is built on the principle of vibration of more than two DNAs. You use the talents and characteristics of your loved ones to create harmony in the home and family. 

Business DNA-Personality is built on the principle of having more than two DNA vibrations. Using the talents and characteristics of people in the team, you can create a vibrational harmony that will help strengthen and grow your business.


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