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Each of my sessions are unique techniques based on in-depth knowledge and many years of practice.


UNBLOCK YOUR DNA: Our DNA is a hard drive where all information is stored, including the one you're currently reading. I've chosen to specialize in DNA because it contains every piece of information. Through DNA sessions, I aim to address the underlying causes of any problem, regardless of its nature.



UNBLOCK YOUR ENERGY: Have you ever considered visiting an Energy Therapist? Just like going to the dentist every six months or getting a check-up with a doctor once a year, taking care of your energy is important. After all, you are only 15% material, and the other 85% needs attention too. When a disease becomes physical, it has already affected your energy layers. So why not prioritize your overall health by taking care of your energy?



Your DNA and information-energy field is a "living organism" that constantly changes. Transformations occur due to the transfer of energy between sectors/parts . Energy moves between sectors under the influence of internal or external factors. Internal factors include emotions, deep experiences, thoughts, and actions. External environment, everything that surrounds us, and the people we contact.


The DNA-Personality method is based on the knowledge of vibrations in DNA. Each person creates their reality of life using the colors of vibrations. Each vibration has its sound, emotion, color, and shape. You draw your YOU-niverse based on the palette that you have. Your DNA is updated and supplemented every second based on your processes, thoughts, actions, and feelings. For an easy understanding of your vibration, I have divided all the information into segments of vibrational numbers. Their quantity and co-vibration can explain to you your internal and external processes. Also, DNA codes indicate those unique vibrations and connections that affect your DNA and, as a result, life.    

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Complicated things are often simple. Lack of information causes confusion and mystery. There for, I spend extra time explaining the processes and root of the issues. 

Many things are invisible to the naked eye, like the fact that people and electricity are both sources of Light. Providing correct information in simple, understandable language is important to achieve better results.

In my personal experience, theoretical knowledge only holds power when put into practice. Therefore, each session and class need to incorporate personal experience. While I could fix everything for you while you sleep, it would be my experience, not yours. Then you be able to see and adjust the changes. It's essential to work together to realize and appreciate your growth fully.


I pass on unique knowledge that can be applied every day. I teach something that will forever change your worldview and life. Become your own healer!

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