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The number of Vibrational Eights in DNA indicates a person's propensity for rules, responsibility, patience, mercy, love, and sensuality.

Feelings are enduring emotional sensations towards a particular object. If the Vibrations of Twos are responsible for emotions, then the vibrations of Eights are responsible for feelings. This difference is vividly represented in two concepts: falling in love and Love. Vibrational Eights shows the depth of feelings and the number of attachments: whether a person is monogamous or can experience deep feelings more than once.

Eights also indicate a person's attitude to rules and control. Some of us feel comfortable surrounded by clear and understandable directions. Such people are happy to create and maintain traditions. Others may feel pressure from rules and structures, so they prefer to take life lighter. Interestingly, a part of DNA is also responsible for the psychological boundaries of a person and the distance from other people.

Giving, serving, and helping manifest patience, forgiveness, mercy, unconditional love, and acceptance. The ability and desire to help others is another manifestation of the vibrations of Eights. Some people have such vibrations from birth, and for some, these qualities may manifest themselves over time or due to changes in the external environment.

Vibrations of DNA Eights also indicate growing up and the ability and desire to take responsibility for yourself and others.

We have all heard about the concept of "give and receive." The amount and position of the vibrational Eighth in the DNA indicate this balance or imbalance between giving and receiving.  This balance can be partially formed due to the Transformation of Vibrational Units from a part of the DNA of the Character. 

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